I still believe that something good can come out of it. I still believe that you’re a good man and deep down you still feel things that you forgot how to feel a long time ago. I still believe you could be happy and I could be happy, but not together like we used to and that’s okay.

You will laugh again, just like before, but not with me and that’s fine. I can’t stay mad at you forever because you don’t love me as much as I love you.
You will go your own way and that’s fine too, because I always wanted for you to find yourself and if that means we’ll have to go our separate ways, so be it.
Finally, you will love again, but not me and that’s fine, because I will love again too. After all, you’re the one that taught me what means to love someone.

So pick up your stuff and your midnight calls and all of your messages and leave. The sooner you leave the easier it will be. Go and be what you always wanted. People will forget about us and eventually you will too, but I won’t. I was always there to remember and from now on I will remember you as a good old friend who had to leave because he always missed something I couldn’t give, something I didn’t have. I will always wonder what that something is.